Cantaş Kimya is an ENSO holding group company
Return Conditions

When delivering empty cylinders to Cantaş collection points and facilities;

   •   They must be delivered with the invoice and waybill indicating the quantity of the cylinders.

   •   The labels and barcodes on the cylinders must be readable with hand terminals.

   •   The handles and foot circles of the tubes must be on the tube and must be intact.

   •   The body of the cylinders must be free from crushing, bending, breakage, impact, collapse, deep scratches, holes and burn marks on the body.

   •   The valves of the cylinders must be attached to the cylinder, working and in good condition.

   •   Cylinders to be shipped by intermediary (cargo, warehouse, transporter, part load carrier, etc.) must be palletized and / or packaged in a suitable condition for shipment and in a way that will not be damaged during shipment.

   •   It must be ensured that all of the above conditions are fulfilled.

The above-mentioned conditions will be controlled by Cantaş Kimya Production and Quality staff. In case the conditions are not fulfilled and it is determined that the tubes/tanks are sent to different companies for filling, ABSOLUTELY no return will be accepted.

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