Innovative Solutions Modern Services
Laboratory Services

Using our own state-of-the-art product laboratory, we offer analysis services to ensure that all our products are not out of specification. Our company started product development with the first and only laboratory investment in its sector. It actively uses its fully equipped laboratory in production and quality processes. We also provide sample and analysis services to our laboratory customers. We check sample conformity within the framework of AHRI700 Standards. We continue our laboratory investments with the pride of being the first and only in the sector.
Recycling Services

We provide on-site service to our customers when necessary, with our own mobile vehicles and equipment. With these vehicles and equipment, we provide collection and gas-free service from fixed tanks at the customer site to ISO tanks.
Transfer Service

With our high stock capability and wide range, door delivery service is offered with ISO tanks. When necessary, we provide product transfer support to our customers' fixed tanks by providing technical support with our expert technical staff.
Facility Installation and Engineering Service

In order to meet the growing needs of production facilities, we provide the necessary engineering consultancy for the use of different types of tanks or the transition to a fixed tank system. We also invest in tanks, intermediate pumping facilities and lines if needed.