Cantaş Kimya is an ENSO holding group company
Integrated Management System Policy

Our aim is to be a smooth and always sought-after company in the sector in terms of quality, environment, occupational health and safety. It is the pride of all Cantaş Kimya employees that the refrigerant gas products and services we offer to our customers are appreciated, found of high quality and preferred in every aspect. Therefore;

   •   Ensuring that our activities comply with the requirements of the organizations which we are a member of, national and international standards and legal requirements, ensuring the safe operation of the processes and continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System by following the new rules published,
   •   Ensuring continuous customer satisfaction by meeting customer demands at the best level in terms of quality - reliability - cost and time,
   •   Following and implementing innovations and developments in our sector in a timely manner and continuously improving our performance in this direction,
   •   Ensuring that our employees are productive by expanding training activities for all staff and supporting their continuous development,
   •   Ensuring the effective, planned and systematic management and continuous improvement of our resources,
   •   Continuation of our planned investments to increase our service capacity and diversity and to further increase and continuously improve our quality level,
   •   It is essential to ensure the continuous effectiveness of our quality by minimizing errors and to increase the competitiveness of our company by working towards systematic and continuous improvement.
   •   To prioritize the health and occupational safety of our personnel working in all our activities, to ensure compliance with health and safety rules through trainings, to increase OHS awareness with the individual responsibilities of employees,
   •   To take precautions in advance against risks that may arise in terms of OHS and to establish the necessary communication channels between employees and management in order to eliminate these risks and to keep these channels open at all times.
   •   Establishing an emergency response plan and keeping the necessary human resources and other equipment constantly ready, revising it and conducting planned/unplanned drills, ensuring that all personnel actually participate in the drills,
   •   To ensure the prevention of diseases by conducting periodic health checks of employees.
   •   To ensure continuous improvement in OHS performance by evaluating the performance of the management and continuously updating the system in order to prevent injuries and health deterioration with a participatory approach and to continuously improve OHS management and OHS performance.
   •   To ensure that polluting wastes that may arise as a result of its activities are minimized and that no waste harmful to the environment is left uncontrolled and that waste is disposed of in defined and appropriate areas.
   •   To determine the amount of wastes generated from production areas and offices and to set a target to ensure that they are reduced in a planned manner in the following years
   •   To provide awareness-raising trainings for everyone working for Cantaş Kimya to internalize the company's Integrated Management System Policy and objectives,
   •   To announce our Integrated Management System policy to the relevant parties and the public through our web page.

   •   To take all measures to reduce the pollution impact to zero, control and promote regulatory activities.
   •   To minimize the risks by analyzing the situations that pose a risk in terms of OHS during our activities, to minimize the risks, to provide safe environments for our employees and to achieve the "Zero Accident" target in terms of accidents and injuries.
   •   By analyzing accidents, identifying root causes and ensuring continuous improvement of procedures, the Company aims to achieve the "Zero Environmental Pollution" target with the continuity of operational development.

The Integrated Management System was established in the light of the policies determined by the senior management of Cantaş Kimya and enjoys the full support of the senior management. Our employees are obliged and authorized to comply with and continuously improve this system.

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